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狂気についてAbout Insanity

“Consideration in the collection production process”









The opportunity to take time to contemplate insanity through the process of producing a new collection with Francis Bacon as its theme has been a special gift of this season.
When we hear the word, insanity, we tend to have an impression of transcending from daily life; however, more we think about it, more we come to understand that it has a link to our daily life.

While it is true that one of the reasons why Francis Bacon’s art work attracts people so strongly is its direct expression, the root cause is likely the insanity-driven thoughts and ideas that people have on an instinctual level as well as the curiosity that comes from affinity between the viewers’ thoughts and his art works.

It can be said that people’s assessment of his art works is highly dependent upon the viewer’s perspective because even his portrayal of a screaming and shouting mouth appears often in his works is only mere portrayal without the insanity-driven imagination of the people viewing it. In fact, the artist himself said that he is portraying the beauty of the mouth without mentioning anything about suffering or screaming. In brief, we can say that it is the viewer side that imagines the insanity there to produce the unexpected, and it is the thoughts of the person that they hold by themselves.

Insanity is within all of us and exists within the viewer rather than the work itself. After all, insanity is the hypothetical thoughts created when people connect to some sort of portrayal and/or a work of art.

While the words “insanity and elegance” which we have been focusing on this season seems to be contradictory at a glance, judging these things from such a paradigm, we can find rapport between those two concepts. This is because one can get a variety of impressions at the same time when he/she “gets” an object, whether that may be colors, shapes, or a sense of weight and tension. This object which can be related to different impressions guide people to one direction and some to another at the same time.

It is our intent that among other things the slit which we boldly put into the body of the masculin jacket to be something to rouse such a multifaceted imagination. It is free for the wearer to imagine a distorted viewpoint to mar perfection or to imagine beauty in imperfection in tranquility, and if we come to understand that certain phenomenon can contain many feelings and imaginations at the same time, it will be natural to feel that a shade of meaning transform day by day.