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Autumn/Winter 2023-24






The collection focuses on the inherent strength and beauty of women. The challenge towards the perfect form expressed by Constantin Brancusi shows how the silhouette can captivate and encourage us.

In these unsettled times, we wanted to surround women with elegant/strong shapes and silhouettes. The graphic evolved from the cut surface of marble, which we incorporated into the collection as a symbol of elegance and its solidity with strength.

Brancusi’s style, which should be described as PRIMITIVE rather than CLASSIC, is futuristic at the same time, and the beauty of both is expressed in a minimal balance. We have developed new silhouette and graphic forms to express its antiquity and futurism at the same time.

The finely tilted armholes, the silhouette with added volume by the tulle, and the shoulder line that follows the slope of the neck are all very primitive, yet express a completely new female appearance. By composing it with minimal lines, they express the sense of tension.

Brancusi’s words, “When we approach the real essence of things, we arrive at simplicity,” imply that when all elegance approaches its essence, its expression is sharpened to a minimal level.

May this collection lead many women to the essence of elegance.