Autumn/Winter 2021-22

Oscar Niemeyer

今季コレクションのインスピレーションは偉大なブラジルの建築家Oscar Niemeyer から得ました。1950年代にわずか4年で作り上げた壮大な首都BRAZILIAの建築群からは大きな影響を受けました。
当時何もないブラジル中部の広野に巨大な首都を数年で築くというプロジェクトはOscar Niemeyerにとっても計り知れないチャレンジであったと想像できます。





When we hear the word “RHYTHM”, we apt to tie it to music; however, there is a rhythm also in drawings, colors, massive-feelings, and balance. Various Japanese rhythms existing around us remind us splendor of the aesthetics that we have inherited in the westernized life space.

These senses of beauty in Japanese KIMONO are expressed by various methods in the intentionally displaced fabrics, the vague regularity with the tender folds, etc. The originality is fully shown in the unique placement of the object seen in an UKIYOE PRINTINGS and in the structure of the rhythm by the gradation which expressed the original blur-feelings. Additionally, we think that a particular Japanese rhythm exists in an architectural method to construct a new balance by locating props in an offhand manner and also in the aesthetic sense to remove the things which is said to be ART OF SUBTRACTION.

The collection of this season is an attempt to derive a completely different answer by constituting the modern clothing through this rhythm. We feel that noticing the value of the thing which we inherited to update it to modern beauty is the important subject that we should face especially now when the sense of values is changing greatly.

May fashion design be able to bring new light to modern daily life.