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今シーズン私たちはコンスタンティン・ブランクーシの彫刻からインスピレーションを受けコレクションの制作をしました。 ブランクーシは彫刻で視覚的な完全性ではなく、オブジェクトの本質を理解し、それを具象化する事に努めてきました。

私たちは今シーズンのコレクション制作において、如何に女性の本質に近づけるか?また服飾造形におけるイデアが存在するとすれば そこから如何に離れられるかを試みました。

視覚的に捉える女性のフォルムでなく女性の本質をその動きに見出し、 女性らしい振る舞いをより強く可視化するディテールやカットを制作しました。 また服飾造形の原則から離れ、 よりプリミティブなアプローチ(つまむ、つかむ、絞る、折る、ひねる)から実験的に表れるシルエットに注目してデザインを進めました。


"IDEA AT 3 A.M."

This season we have drawn inspiration for our collection from the sculptures of Constantin Brancusi. In his sculptures, Brancusi strove to understand and embody the essence of the object rather than its visual perfection(IDEA). Brancusi's style, which transcends the common ideals of the time, brings a whole new sense of value to sculpture based on the idealism of the time.

In creating this season's collection, we asked ourselves, "How can we get closer to the essence of the woman? We also tried to find a way to move away from the “IDEA" of clothing modeling.

We found the essence of women in their movements, not in their visual forms, and created details and cuts that make their feminine behavior more strongly visible.I also moved away from the principles of clothing modeling and focused on silhouettes that experimentally emerge from a more primitive approach (pinching, grasping, squeezing, folding, and twisting).

We believe that new silhouettes and details derived from a new starting point can add new possibilities to the wardrobe of the woman who wears them. When we free ourselves from our IDEAs, we can find new styles.

*IDEA=Plato's Idealism is the idea that "the essence of all things that exist in the world is an Idea. Conversely, the objects and the world that we perceive physically and materially are nothing more than the semblance of an Idea. The ancient Greek philosopher Plato believed that all external appearances of individual things are temporary.