Pre-Fall 2022








This season, we have attempted to create a collection based on the theme of ELEGANCE THAT EXISTS WITHIN THE ODDNESS found in the paintings of Tomoo Gokita.

Having started his career as an illustrator, Gokita’s works show a freedom of descriptive expression that goes beyond the rules of painting. Various creativity dwells in his works, such as bold deformations of limbs, new textural expressions of facial expressions through monochrome gradations, absence of emotions by hiding the face, and uniqueness of composition mixing madness and pop.

One of the things that caught our attention was the elegance expressed in the ODDness.We believe that elegance can sublimate its elegance when it is accompanied by strangeness and madness, and we thought that we could create a new kind of elegance through clothing that intervenes in the crazy artistry of Gokita’s paintings.

At the same time, This is also an attempt to find out what does it mean to bring artistry into the wardrobe? and what does it give to the emotions of those who wear it?

In terms of details, I tried to express the ODDness and elegance found in Gokita’s paintings at the same time by using patchwork to create broken textures, scattered polka dots, jackets that form body lines, and deformed silhouettes to express elegance.

As the designer is fascinated by the context, we hope that the person who wears the clothes will be able to find the charm of the context in the collection.