Spring/Summer 2022






This season we were inspired by the works of Kanjiro Kawai, a ceramic artist from Kyoto, Japan. Kawai’s style changed dramatically from one era to the next, but we
focused on his later works, when he changed from a minimalist expression to a very free and original style.

Kawai has a deep knowledge of glazes from his background as an experimenter at the Ceramics Research Institute, and is famous for his creative use of color. However, he also has a very original style in modeling. His pottery, which makes extensive use of molds as well as the potter’s wheel, has an interesting multifaceted composition.

The style of his work that we have focused on is that of a playful spirit, especially in his later period. Although he possessed a variety of craftsman-like skills, he never stopped there, and his attitude of remaining free and unrestrained greatly supported his originality.

We were impressed by his attitude of not defining the expression of beauty in his works, but finding beauty in various styles, and cited this free attitude in our design process.
The collection reflects a variety of perspectives from Kawai’s style, such as balance without completion, uneven finishing, and details with altered meanings.

I believe that the beauty we experience through tolerance and understanding will
liberate our style and lead us to new expressions.