“Disclosure of Attributes”

Our idea of the ideal woman is one who can take risks.
And when women take a risk and try a more modern style Clothes express the various attributes of these women.
It could be their creativity and the intelligence they have cultivated. Or it could be an aesthetic sense, a sense of balance, honesty, generosity, it could be an avant-garde idea. It may be that a woman’s style reflects a person and makes their hidden talents and sense of style visible. Style reflects the person and makes their hidden talents and sense of style visible, and they can raise their identity to its inherent and admired heights.
In order to bring out that inner being, these women need a wardrobe that more clearly expresses their choices and determination. We’ve been working towards this challenge this season and made this collection.
Bold textile compositions, creative cuts that express the silhouette, unique neutrals and sheers, and the collection also includes items that are reminiscent of vintage costumes. It consists of a variety of items that update their style and represent their intentions.
May this collection be a new vocabulary for them to express themselves.