“ATTITUDE brought by COLORS”

This season we have designed a collection using colors that evoke various emotions in people.We believe that colors not only give life to clothes, but also have a great impact on the emotions and actions of the people who wear them.

The further away from the primary colors, the more expressive the colors become, and this collection uses a lot of faded and mixed colors.

I also paid attention to the colors that change with the refraction of light, and used a lot of colors created by the reflection of various textiles.I also tried to see how such colors would bring
out people’s emotions.

A very unique reflective textile with russet weave creates colors that bring in the surrounding colors.The hand-knit detailing is very primitive, but at the same time adds a delicate look to the knitwear.The Dalmatian pattern painted in the atelier is a new expression that blends into the background in an abstract way.

This kind of color expression triggers various emotions in the person who wears it, showing us that there is a lot of connection between us and color.It is a collection that allows us to layer new colors with the colors of our own emotions.