“Surreal Elegance”

私が感じる五木田智央の魅力は、現存する絵画の様々なスタイルや技法から離れた彼独自の表現方法にあります。 その様な独創的なアプローチによって生まれた作品は安定した結果に向かう事は少なく、一見美しさから離れた結果へ着地するものです。




“Surreal Elegance”

Continuing from last season, we have developed a collection inspired by the artwork of Tomoo Gokita.
What I find fascinating about Tomoo Gokita is his unique way of expressing himself, away from the various styles and techniques of painting that exist today. The works produced by such an original approach rarely lead to a stable result, and often result in something seemingly far from beauty.

But at the same time, I believe that new expressions and styles are almost always born from a place far away from general beauty and neatness.
I believe that the curiosity of those who seek the new style will accept the distorted expression as a new thing, and it will be established as a new expression of beauty.

This season, we paid attention to the various surrealistic aspects of Tomoo Gokita’s works and tried to see how we could incorporate them into clothing
such as the development of details with “Depaysement”, the approach of condensing details, and the establishment of details with blank spaces.

I hope that you will be able to feel how these various attempts to transform typical beauty through this collection.