Oscar Niemeyer

今季コレクションのインスピレーションは偉大なブラジルの建築家Oscar Niemeyerから得ました。1950年代にわずか4年で作り上げた壮大な首都BRAZILIAの建築群からは大きな影響を受けました。当時何もないブラジル中部の広野に巨大な首都を数年で築くというプロジェクトはOscar Niemeyerにとっても計り知れないチャレンジであったと想像できます。それは奇しくも現在私たちが向き合っている大きな難題にどう立ち向かうのかという質問に彼が導きを与えてくれているようです。





The inspiration for this season was derived from a Brazilian architect, Oscar Niemeyer. This collection was greatly influenced by those architectural buildings of magnificent capital BRAZILIA which have been built in only four years during 1950s. It is imaginable that the project to build such massive capital at the rangeland of the open central part of Brazil where there was nothing in those days in several years was an immeasurable challenge even for Oscar Niemeyer. It seems that he is miraculously giving us a guidance to a question of how to confront the great and difficult problems that we are currently facing.

The inspiration of his architecture is said to be from the great nature of Brazil and from the female body lines, and the layer of the bold curve is representative expression.Additionally, his original sense of beauty appears in the futuristic expression which embodied the ideal of the people at the time.

His search for shapes including the OVAL layer seen in Casa das Canoas, the shape of the corridor in Niteroi Contemporary Art Museum, the curve enumeration of the Copan building, etc. strongly boosted our imagination.Additionally, It was also a very interesting challenge for us to find a way to combine the retro-futuristic atmosphereof his architecture with the modern clothing.

For the collection created through various experiments including the seam with an original curve, transformation of massive feeling by shifting the details, the expression on the body of the organic shape, etc. a whole new suggestion is integrated into reality.

When the world situation is caught pessimistically at the present time, what we need to do is moving forward with a new vision and new creation. May we express an attitude to moving forward through a fashion without fear of adopting new expression and from enjoying creation.